topDRILL nc

topDRILL nc is a series of absolutely fully automatic vertical glass drilling machines.

The operator must not make any manual intervention, all movements and adjustments are executed by servo drives. Since model year 2011, the machines have been improved in detail, and accelerated again in processing:

Highlights mechanical:

  • Compact design, the machine can be placed directly against the wall
  • Modular system, the length of the machine is delivered unon your request
  • Working sense at your choice - at no extra cost
  • Manual quick-change system available for drills - tool exchange in seconds
  • Simple combination with vertical washing machines, interface as standard

Highlights in operation:

  • Automatic movement and positioning of the glass panels for all holes
  • Automatic measurement of the drill length and fully automatic drilling depth
  • Continous mode with automatic "bottleneck function" for bigger quantities
  • Simultaneously drilling from rear- and frontside (for glass thickness from 6 and up to 40mm)
  • No restrictions of hole position and distance, drilling diameter up to 100mm

Highlights in the programming:

  • Large 15 "display with graphical user interface - clear and concise
  • Extremely simple programming - software hundreds of times in operation
  • Import AutoCAD files (. dxf) using TDI-draft program or automatic interface
  • Interfaces to all major commercial software programs available
  • Additional features like mirror glass, insert groups, holecheck, import and export ...
topDRILL 130 NC
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Left side with operators
topDRILL 130 nc extensions washer
Thai team with crane
topDRILL 130 nc + extensions manual
topDRILL 240 nc with 4 extensions from right