Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

topDRILL is a very versatile and clearly laid out system which is easily combinable. Occasionally there will be unintentional omissions in brochures or product descriptions. That is why we have put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for you:

Why is topDRILL better than other vertical glass drills:
Quite simple. topDRILL is THE original and not a reproduction. topDRILL is however much more sturdy and already has features offered as standard which are not available on other products or which need to be purchased separately. topDRILL has the best price/performance ratio on the market and can be configured to your requirements with the modular system.

Which distinguishing quality features does a topDRILL machine have:
topDRILL has an extremely solid base frame (Monobloc construction methodology), only the drill heads are moved up and down. This motion follows precision linear guides which are guarded from dirt and water spray with bellows. The entire drill head is made from aluminium or high-grade stainless steel. All structural components are not simply sprayed but rather powder-coated and engraved.
Individual part numbers are milled or engraved on every single topDRILL machine component

Does the machine require a freshwater connection:
Every topDRILL is delivered with a large stainless steel sink. We recommend supplying the machine with freshwater and drawing off the entire excess water collected. Glass dust is therefore prevented from running over the glass and it also ensures a long useful life of the nozzles. The machine can of course be delivered with an optional circulation pump. The process program controls triggering. Remote drill cycle dependent water control (on/off) is already a standard feature however.

Which drill bits can I use for the machine:
The topDRILL 240 nc, as with the 130 nc, allows the use of all customary drill bits having a total length of 75 or 95mm. Pre-selection is done at the operator terminal. We generally recommend using our stainless DRITOP diamond drill bits. Your topDRILL can be equipped with the CMX quick-change system if required. As with a garden hose attachment, the drill bits can be changed with an adapter in just a few seconds.

How many programs can be stored in the machine:
topDRILL allows practically unlimited data storage. Up to 999 different drill-hole positions can be stored per sheet (=program). The number of programs is unlimited since the machine can be networked or, as a stand-alone solution, more memory can be added by using Compact Flash cards or USB sticks.

Does the machine have any other exceptional features:
Of course - topDRILL nc has a number of outstanding, innovative features and is especially easy to operate with the large 15" touch panel.

  • Automatic recognition of drill bit lengths
  • Automatic use of the correct drill rotation speed
  • Tool pre-adjustment with absolute values for drill bit feed
  • Automatic feed reduction for very thin glass
  • Torque-dependent feed adjustment for counter-bores
  • File import via the .dxf interface or directly as .tdi file (topDRILL interface)
  • Service display with productivity-dependent service interval
  • Operator identification with various code levels
  • Program preview with automatic zoom and visual process sequence
  • User-friendly operator's guide with multi-language support
  • Data input for connection to topCLEAR glass washing machines

Can I also drill special shapes or round glass:
Even the processing of special shapes is supported by topDRILL nc. A pre-condition for being able to place the glass is at least one straight, or almost straight, edge. Circular glass cannot be drilled in automatic mode without an additional retaining mechanism. Your CAD data can be imported via the .dxf interface and, following a manual data check, can be read and processed directly by topDRILL's computer.

Can I drill glass smaller than specified in the brochure?
Yes, smaller glass can be drilled with the machine - either by holding the glass in place by hand or by observing a few guidelines.
It is also often possible to drill the glass before cutting it. A certain minimum glass length dimension is necessary so that the drill head can move right down - and of course no belt support can be located in this vicinity.

Suppose I need a replacement part or something breaks?
We have even taken that into account. topDRILL has been constructed using state-of-the-art 3D techniques. You receive comprehensive operating instructions as well as a replacement parts list. Furthermore, individual part numbers are milled or engraved on every single machine component. topDRILL nc even offers an online replacement parts catalogue with operator's guide and illustration descriptions.

Should you have any further enquiries regarding the tool, please contact us by e-mail or call us. We will be only too glad to explain the details.

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