Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

topDRILL is a very versatile system which is also simply constructed and combinable.
Occasionally there will be unintentional omissions in brochures or product descriptions.
That's why we have put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for you:

Why is topDRILL better than other vertical glass drills:
Quite simple. topDRILL is THE original and not a reproduction. topDRILL is, however, much more sturdy and already has features offered as standard which are not available on other products or which need to be purchased separately. topDRILL has the best price/performance ratio on the market and can be configured to your requirements with the modular system.

Which particular quality features does a topDRILL machine have:
topDRILL has an extremely solid base frame (Monobloc construction methodology), only the drill heads are moved up and down.
This motion follows precision linear guides which are guarded from dirt and water spray with bellows.
The entire drill head is made from aluminium or high-grade stainless steel.
All structural components are not simply sprayed but rather powder-coated and engraved.
Individual part numbers are milled or engraved on every single topDRILL machine component.

Does the machine require a freshwater connection:
Every topDRILL is supplied with a large stainless steel sink. We recommend supplying the machine with freshwater and drawing off the entire excess water collected.

Glass dust is therefore prevented from running over the glass and it also ensures a long useful life of the nozzles.
The machine can of course be supplied with an optional circulation pump.
The central SPS system then takes control.
Drill cycle dependent water control (on/off) is already a standard feature however.

Which drill bits can I use for the machine:
Basically any customary drill bits having a ½" thread attachment can be used.
We generally recommend our stainless DRITOP diamond drill bits.
Your topDRILL can be equipped with the CMX quick-change system if required.
The drill bits can be changed with an adapter in just a few seconds, just like a garden hose attachment.

Can I also drill special shapes or round glass:
Of course - topDRILL can drill virtually all special shapes as well as round glass.
It only becomes problematic if the glass does not have a straight edge at the bottom.
Individual sheets can be marked - for larger volumes the use of glass retainers or templates is recommended.

Can I drill glass smaller than specified in the brochure?
Yes, smaller glass can be drilled with the machine - either by holding the glass in place by hand or by observing a few guidelines.
It is also often possible to drill the glass before cutting it.
A certain minimum dimension is necessary so that the drill head can move right down - and of course no rollers can be located in this vicinity.

What is the principal difference between topDRILL Easy and topDRILL cnc:
topDRILL Easy is designed for manual positioning of the glass.
It therefore makes no sense having a memory for the dimensions because it cannot be used for both axes.
Similarly, the drill depth needs to be adjusted manually with a hand wheel (with scale). topDRILL cnc, on the other hand, is a fully automatic tool performing all motion via digital servomotors.
The memory capacity is unlimited and even drill bit length recognition is fully automatic.

Can a topDRILL Easy be upgraded to a topDRILL cnc?
It is theoretically possible because the mechanical structure is essentially the same.
However, since the cnc machine is equipped with considerably more motors and hence more sensor equipment, the control cabinet would also have to be exchanged and the entire machine re-cabled.
For this reason it would be more beneficial to just exchange the entire machine.

Suppose I need a replacement part or something breaks?
We have even taken that into account. topDRILL has been constructed using state-of-the-art 3D techniques.
You receive comprehensive operating instructions as well as a replacement parts list.
Furthermore, individual part numbers are milled or engraved on every single machine component.

Should you have any further enquiries regarding the tool, please contact us by e-mail or call us.
We will be only too glad to explain the details.

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