Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can the diamond saw perform mitre joint cuts?
No, topCUT is currently not designed for cutting mitre joints at glass edges. Should the need arise it is very simple to exchange the new head for an existing one.

How does the saw blade feed work?
A hand crank is used to bore into the glass surface, allowing the cutting depth to be set with exact precision. The feed along the Y-axis (up/down) is performed by an electric motor with electronically adjustable feed speed. The feed can also be performed in automatic mode.

How can one diameter be exchanged for another?
This is particularly easy: The central attachment for the saw head is located below the saw head. When this is detached, one head can be exchanged for another with just one hand movement. No tools are necessary to do this.

Can a small saw blade be inserted in the large saw head?
Theoretical yes, but because of the stronger positioning and the change in rotation speed of the large blade, almost no power is available, resulting in a sawing effectiveness which is less than ideal.

How quickly can, for example, a shower door fitting be cut?
This is a very common application. A classic shower door fitting with two vertical cuts and one horizontal cut, including drilling by the topDRILL glass drill, can be manufactured in less than two minutes.

How does the saw blade feed for a horizontal cut work?
When cutting horizontally, the saw blade is not moved. Instead, the glass on the support rollers is pushed manually.
Does the glass need to be held when very small pieces are cut?
No, the pneumatic glass clamp can be deployed at any desired position, effectively preventing lifting up or displacing the glass.

How can the dimensions be adjusted precisely?
Adjustment of the dimensions is very simple and is achieved, similarly to the topDRILL, via a digital display for the height adjustment and a scaled ruler for the length adjustment. Even sequential measurements can be read with the digital display, e.g. for cuttings within the sheet.

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