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Is the TDI-draft program delivered with every topDRILL?
No, TDI-draft is an option which simplifies and extends the use of your topDRILL. The program is completely independent of the drill and can also be used as a stand-alone drawing program.

At how many workplaces can TDI-draft be used?
The program is used at one workplace, usually in the production planning phase. Naturally several licenses for one machine can be purchased.

What additional functionality does the program offer?
In addition to the interface function, TDI-draft is a drawing program allowing the drawing up and processing of normal drawings. Additional functionality is included for ease of work, e.g.:

  • Hole group manager for the administering, mirroring and rotating of hole groups.
  • Machine parameters store the most important machine data and additionally allow the use of several drills with one program.
  • Automatic setting of zero point Here, the glass is automatically placed in relation to the topDRILL sensors. This function allows the processing of special shapes having at least one straight edge.

Can the program be installed at a later date?
Yes of course. Since the program is not directly dependent on the machine, this option can be installed and used at any later point in time. The only requirements are the relevant hardware and the network cabling.

Can every topDRILL machine communicate with TDI-draft?
All of the new generation (G3) automatic topDRILL machines are configured to automatically import data from TDI-draft. Even the revolver head drills can import TDI files.

Which files can be read with TDI-draft?
All .dxf files from versions .12 to .14 can be read automatically. .dwg files cannot be imported on the basis of their file structure. However, further .dxf versions are currently being worked on and will be available soon.

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