Application areas

TDI-draft is suitable for the importing of drawings for all automatically controlled tools in the topDRILL range.

  • topDRILL 130 nc
  • topDRILL RX 130 nc
  • topDRILL 240 nc
  • topDRILL RX 240 nc

TDI-draft reads the relevant outline and automatically marks out all circular objects. The list of necessary parameters (drill depth, counter-bores, pulsing,...) appears at the click of a mouse. When this data-set is completed, the hole is colour-marked.

TDI-draft can even be used with several topDRILL tools simultaneously. A database manages the basic adjustments of the machines.

TDI-draft therefore allows easy processing of special shapes with every automatic topDRILL glass drill. The only pre-condition is one straight glass edge for support on the drill.

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