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What is the main difference between topDRILL and miniDRILL?
topDRILL is a very robust tool with sturdy glass support. To adjust the drilling height, both heads are moved up and down along the upright with the aid of linear guides. miniDRILL on the other hand moves the glass support up and down together with the glass, like some reproduction models. This is simpler and naturally less expensive, but does limit the machine's scope of application.

Can the miniDRILL also be combined with a saw or a washing machine?
You can place the miniDRILL beside other tools. Since the glass support is displaced instead of the drill head, in direct contrast to the topDRILL, the glass cannot easily be moved on further because the height is invariably different.
Other tools built this way also have this disadvantage.

Can the miniDRILL also be constructed for larger glass?
Since the glass is moved upwards using this method of construction, the machine can only be built to have a reach of 750mm. Safe transportation of even bigger glass cannot be guaranteed.

Can miniDRILL drill all types of glass, are there any particular limitations?
All types of glass can be drilled with miniDRILL. Even LSG glass can be processed easily with the manual drilling process. Counter-bores are not easily achievable using the pendulum principle.

Why is the miniDRILL not classified under topDRILL?
Quite simply because topDRILL is a comprehensive system which, due to its varioflexx modular construction, is very flexible, enabling combination with many other tools. miniDRILL's construction makes combination with other tools more difficult and has limited extension possibilities.

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