miniDRILL 060 F
   Machine pre-installed fully ready-to-use
   Robust base frame with gummed glass unit at the rear
   Securely mounted drill heads with spray guard for precise alignment
   Manual height adjustment with hand crank and display scale
   Glass support has 3 clamps as sturdy height fixings
   Sequential measuring function for precise dimension adjustment between two drill-holes
   Manual length adjustment with hinged stops
   Manual drill feed on both sides with central hand lever
   Simple adjustment for drill depth front and rear
   Continuous variable, electronic drill rotation speed adjustment, with display scale
   CE-compliant integrated control cabinet
   Manual glass clamps at the front with large pressure area
   Stainless steel water collection tray integrated in the base frame
   Water pump with automatic triggering fitted as standard
   Removable spray guard for drill heads and baffle plate to the water tray
 miniDRILL 075 FM
 Essentially same equipment as type 060 F, but also with:
   Motor-driven height adjustment with keys for up/down motion
   Greater range of the vertical upright for larger glass
   Glass unit at rear enlarged for receiving larger glass
   Digital display for the electronic display of the drill-hole height
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Height scale
Manual height adjustment
Motor-driven height adjustment